The Association of Educational programmes OpenEurope is a non-for-profit organisation that offers informal and non-formal learning opportunities to young people and youth workers and promotes youth participation in the community life. The organisation aims to provide access to teaching and learning materials to all learners and educators, paying a special attention to cultural and functional diversity and universal design principles.

All OpenEurope’s projects and initiatives aim to involve the whole education community on programs that are designed to develop the participants’ communication, leadership and occupational skills and that seek a life-long learning process.

Moreover, the association pays special attention to increasing non-governmental organisations’ capacities as well as those of the volunteers working to solve social problems. OpenEurope helps to involve all the members of the community in its projects and activities, especially those related to civil responsibility, immigration, technology at service of people or smart cities.

OpenEurope is the first and only qualified multiplier point in the province of Tarragona of the EU network EURODESK and also is the Town Hall’s International Mobility Service, providing information and guidance to all interested young people and youth workers.