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The Parenting Awareness for Young People is an Erasmus+ KA2 project carried out by 6 organisations -BUCOVINA, from Romania, IRIS, from Poland, OPENEUROPE, from Spain, European Development Foundation, from Bulgaria, and Kilcooley Womens Centre from Norther Irland, UK- under the coordination of PADM, from the UK. It aims at addressing this issue form a transversal perspective by including different types of organisations with different expertise and scopes of action.

Partners will develop a Best practice training resource (BPTR), which will establish synergies between partners from different cultural backgrounds, working in different fields of education, training and youth. The BPTR will be useful for those working in Higher Education, Youth Work, School Education and in a health and youth related setting. This resource will include a comprehensive evaluation of the different practices exchanged and exploited during the lifetime of the project. To this end, there will be organised international workshops at each country where partners will learn new strategies and techniques to use upon return with young people in their regular activities.



Alexithymia to help young people to express their feelings and emotions

Attachment Theories and the work of Daniel Siegel around early trauma and its impact upon later brain development

How to rock the baby blues (PND - Post Natal Depression)

Inclusive play to promote diversity and Tolerance & Creative play to promote resilience and positive behaviour in early years

Baby Think It Over: Education to tackle school age/teenage pregnancy)

Learning Disability Awareness

Baby sleep day & night


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